Friday, March 1, 2013

Last post from Xela

1 marzo

This will probably, sadly, be my last post from good old Guru Cafe here at Celas Maya.  My last day in clinic yesterday was nice and we successfully completed Javier's first monthly disease surveillance report!

Javier, Orlando, Juan, Shayla, and I outside the clinic

I bid farewell to Claudia, my maestra for the past couple of weeks, with some almost-glamorous glamor shots:

Tyler arrived yesterday safe and sound around 6:30 and we've been busy checking out the sites since.  Last night, we huffed it up a hill to Panorama, a restaurant "romantico" known for its beautiful view of the city and availability of blankets and fondue, all of which we took advantage of:

Today we spent the morning walking around town and doing some shopping in La Democracia for our hostelmade dinner tonight.  We got a bakeshop donut, I introduced Tyler to the clinic and staff, and then we headed back to the school area for a tostada and a drink in el parque central.

Tonight we have a meeting with Quetzaltrekkers about our trip this weekend, from Xela (essentially) to San Pedro la Leguna on Lago Atitlan.  We might go out for a little while afterwards but have to wake up early to meet for the trip!

We'll be out of email touch this weekend but will hopefully be able to update you all and share stories from our trek.

Shabbat shalom and hasta luego!

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