Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A little update

5 febrero

Hi everyone,

Don't worry if you couldn't read my blog yesterday, it was just stuff I'd already said in other posts about my daily routine here to practice reflexive verbs.  There might be another one coming your way with the past tense!

I just wiped some residual stickiness off my fingers from the Q5 (that's less than a dollar) chocolate-covered mango I just ate from the best chocolateria in town, Doña Pancha's.  It's literally on the corner of my street.  Our school is taking a tour there next week and now that I know I can get a giant hunk of chocolate covered fruit for essentially pennies, I have a suspicion there might be a lot more Donña Pancha in my life.

It's been a good start to the week.  Jenna (my friend from medical school) arrived Sunday evening and we were able to finagle her staying with my host family.  There's also a UVA student named Steve so it's really a full house!  Apparently this is a very busy time for the school because there's still a big group of college students from MN and a new group of anthropology college or graduate students or something from Holland just got here too.

My new teacher is also great.  Her name is Lucia.  She recognized pretty quickly that my knowledge of the preterite was lacking and while it was nice to "live in the present," it was actually pretty inconvenient.  My classes are now 8am-1pm each day so my afternoons are spent here (in the school's internet cafe) and yesterday we went to the evening yoga class.  Our favorite ponytailed teacher was teaching again but I think succeeded in following his own advice to be non-competitive this time.  It was actually a really great class.

Didn't do much last night except hang out with the family and Jenna.  Dropped my dirty clothes off at the levanderia across the street so I skipped my morning run today.  Tonight  my plan is to go to yoga, go home for dinner, and then come back to school to watch a documentary about the Guatemalan Civil War called Las Cruces.  There's a guest speaker and discussion tomorrow.

My attempts to upload pictures have been foiled by the ridiculous number of photos on my camera, mostly of Owen.  They are slowly uploading into Google+, at which point, I will share the rest of my pictures from the week with you.  In the meantime, here's one that has uploaded.  Yes, he is the cutest dog ever:

And here's another - happy birthday to Popsi, my abuelito, who turned 95 this week!


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