Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Some pictures from Tajamulco

26 febrero

As promised, here are some pictures from our hike to Tajamulco

Claiming and organizing our gear in the am. (Michelle and Molly)

Packing up

Our private, chicken-less chicken bus

Michelle, me, my headlamp, Molly photo bomb

11:45, we arrived!


De-layering once before we started hiking

Tajamulco is tajall. (Get it? Like "tall")

The caballo and his caballero who carried all of our tents up.  Oof.

Pat, with a triple decker sandwich of beans, tuna, tomatoes, cucumber and onion.  At one point, I ate a hand-held salad.

Loading up with firewood before the summit.

Michelle, Gari

The view from our campsite

Talia with Sharky's long underwear, complete with butt snaps.  I think her exact question to him was, "Are those normal or are you quirky?"

The largest tent ever, in which about 14 college kids slept.

Michelle, Sharky, Me.  Sharky is really warm because of his long john onesie.

6:00 am or so, sunrise over Central America.  

It was good we brought our sleeping bags to the summit.

Almenacer.  We could see Santiaguito errupting!

El crater.


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