Sunday, February 24, 2013

Friday night

24 febrero

Just got back from an awesome hike to the summit of Tajulmulco.  Will write more about that in a subsequent post but also wanted to share a couple of pictures of our awesome dinner at school on Friday night.  Last week was the last of the busiest weeks of the year for Celas Maya because a large group of anthropology undergrads from Holland left.  The maestras worked tirelessly to put together a typical sit-down dinner for the whole school in the courtyard, which was both lovely and delicious.  At the end of class on Friday afternoon, I was so distracted by all the lights, flowers, and food being prepared:


Nice speeches.

Some of the UVA crew:

Jen, my new housemate, me, and Leon

Our delicious dinner: corn, grilled onion and eggplant, beans, and tortillas.


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