Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chicabal & Santa Maria

10 febrero

Had a very busy weekend!  Yesterday, we hiked to Chicabal, the crater lake with a lot of spiritual significance for Guatemaltecos.  Went out to dinner at Sabor de la India, which was delicious!

Today we got up early once again to hike to the top of Santa Maria, a very tall inactive volcano.  We were at over 12,000 feet!  High enough to see another active volcano errupt twice while we ate refried beans from a bag, fresh mango, plantain chips, and avocado.  Not a bad way to spend breakfast.  My legs and brain are quite tired so will write more tomorrow.

In the meantime, enjoy some pictures!

Chicabal hike (Saturday):
The view of Santa Maria (our hike today) from our hike yesterday

Jenna, Eliza (med-peds resident), and Lisa (from Austria)

It's difficult to read but this says, "Visitors to the Lagun of Chicabal must ask permission from the Creator of the earth."

Me, Mariah, Jenna

 One of the many alters around the lake to different gods.

Hopefully you can hear the beautiful prayers in the background over the loud students' voices!

The laguna, before the clouds rolled in

 This was for the god of cures and of women.

For plants, animals, seeds

Jenna and I lounging and reading on the roof in the afternoon sun

Tres perros snoozing

All of us medical ladies wore Toms to our Indian restaurant.  We're so predictable. Guess which shoes are mine and Jenna's.

Santa Maria (Sunday):
Early start

Fellow hikers!

Saul, our fearless guide for both caminatas.


 Erruption.  Amazing.

Hear it rumble!

Looking down the fault line.

Other Rachel and I both had very dirty butts.

Ended the evening back at school with some chocolate con leche caliente.


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