Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mid-week Update

21 febrero

Hi everyone!

Things have been going great here this week.  My last amiga de Carolina del Norte, Kim, left this morning but I already have a new housemate who is from California.  Kim and I had a great time yesterday wandering around the mercado and a really neat textile cooperative called TRAMA.

The last couple mornings in clinic have been really slow actually so Javier and I have occupied our time with other things.  Specifically:
- I attempted to translate English idioms (e.g. "My eyes were bigger than my stomach") into Spanish
- I showed him the online OB wheel for caculating due dates, etc
- He read out patient ID numbers to enter into an STD registry - flashback to MPH year!
- We ate tacos and pan con pollo
- I read the newspaper
- We stood in the sun and chatted up some of the other health center workers and my face got burned despite putting sunscreen on twice beforehand.

My lessons this week have been going well with my new maestra, Claudia.  The 3 hours actually flies by compared to 5.  This weekend, I have made the questionable decision to hike Tajumulco, which is the tallest mountain in Central America.  I've heard it's very cold but worth it.  We are going to hike up most of the way Saturday morning, camp overnight, and hike to the summit on Sunday to watch the sunrise.

In GREAT news, Tyler surprised me by buying a ticket to Guatemala and will arrive next week!  My last day of classes and of work will be Thursday and we will spend the last week-ish traveling together.

Here are a couple new pictures of my walk back to school from the clinic:

A line of people outside El Centro de Salud:

Goats tied up for unclear purpose in the market:

A view of Xela's streets and mountains:


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