Thursday, February 14, 2013

Feliz día de Cariño!

14 febrero

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  The holiday here is called el Día de Cariño, and is more a general holiday of affection with all the same red, pink, hearts, balloons, flowers, candy, etc that we have in the states.  Jenna and I just spent the last couple hours wandering around Xela in search of guacamole ingredients (which were incredibly easy to find) and some desserts for our family fiesta tonight.

Will write more tomorrow.  Me and the gals and some of the UVA crew are all heading to Lake Atitlan this weekend on Saturday morning.

Te amo!


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  2. ¡por favor, mas español!
    Pienso que tu español está mejorando y quiero leer más!

    ¡No me importa si los otros no pueden entender!

    ¿Cuales son palabras nuevas para ti? ¿Es probable que aprendes palabras nuevas cada dia, no?