Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Miercoles de fotografias

6 febrero

Buenas tardes!
My pictures have finally finished uploading!

Mariah (left) and Nicole (right) waiting for our flight to Guatemala City in Atlanta

19th Street, where Patricia's hostel (in Guatemala City) was
 Dog on the roof.

Very excited to learn Spanish.

The view from our rooftop in Xela

The courtyard "jardin" at Celas Maya

Mariah and me studying and skyping in the garden

Salsa-ing at the Friday graduation

Michelle, Jenn, and Me

The theme was wine and cheese...puffs.

Mariah and me

Sunrise at the start of our hike

UNC hikers

Entering the pueblito

Breakfast break

Lake Atitlan, surrounded by mountains

Finally going down.

Las fuentes Georginas

Mi maestra, Monica

Stopped for a delicious vegetarina tostada at the artisan market

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