Friday, February 15, 2013

Mucha comida

15 febrero

Unlike some of our fellow students here who are a bit hungover today from a Quetzaltrekkers (i.e. gringo) party last night, Jenna, Mariah, and I started the day with a food hangover.  As it turns out, this consists of being hungry first thing in the morning since our intestines worked all night to digest all the food we ate yesterday.  Let me make a list, in order, of all of the deliciousness:

- egg and tomato scramble
- corn tamale
- larabar (from home)
- a tostada with carrot salad, salsa, and sprinkled queso
- green bean and egg latke things
- rice
- homemade picante salsa
- cucumber and tomato salad
- mangos with weird seasoning that a lady suggested to us in the market
- coffee
- a cup of drinking chocolate
- 3.5 tostadas, 2 with a chicken and carrot salad, all with copious amounts of guacamole
- 1 chocolate from Doña Pancha
- 1 mound of baked coconut cookie-thing
- more independent guacamole

It was awesome.  Luckily I had accidently run for an hour and fifteen minutes in the morning (Mariah and I went with another student, Eric, who either grossly underestimated the route length and time or grossly overestimated our running ability).

Today was my last day with my maestra, Lucia.  We finished the week with her pretending to be a sex worker and I her doctor.  She asked me a lot of questions about sexually transmitted diseases to prepare me for starting in the clinic on Monday with Dr. Javier.  Her questions, however, were not as difficult as those from my grandparents today, specifically:
Popsi: "Where you are working is very dangerous.  Make sure to wash your hands often.  Do you have enough soap?"
Grandma: "With eating lots of carbs, are you gaining some weight?"
(Popsi and Grandma, I know you are my most devoted blog readers - I am just teasing you!)

Meanwhile, Jenna and I have been working on crossing things off of her Xela bucket list, including eating fig ice cream in the central park, going to El Bake Shoppe (a Mennonite-owened bakery that is only open on Tuesdays and Fridays), and attending her last class with our favorite poneytailed yoga instructor, who most recently was purported to have yelled at the Mennonites in their bake shoppe when they did not have what he wanted.  

Tonight we are going out to dinner and going to sleep early.  We are waking up early tomorrow to take a bus to Lake Atitlan, where we are meeting up with some other students from the school here and another friend from UNC.  Will likely not write more until Sunday afternoon but I've been promised that our weekend will include avocado smoothies, boating to various pueblitos around the lake, and a communal cross-dressing dinner of some notoriety at a nearby hotel.


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